Classical History

Selections from Cicero, On Duties. Cicero discourses on the nature of the good and useful in politics, making the claim that doing good to others is the safest route to political security.

Selections from Cicero, On Friendship. Cicero discusses the nature, the origins, and the limits of friendship.

Livy, Introduction to The History of Rome. Livy lays out the plan for his History of Early Rome.

Livy, The Story of Aeneas. Livy tells the story of the legendary founder of the Roman people, Aeneas.

Livy, Romulus and Remus. Livy tells the story of the legendary founders of the city of Rome: Romlus and Remus.

Livy, The Rape of the Sabines. Livy tells the story of how the Romans populated their town with women.

Livy, The Death of Romulus: Livy tells the story of Romulus death and ascension into heaven.

Livy, The Horatii. Livy tells the story of three brothers who saved Rome by their bravery in combat.

Livy, Tarquin the Proud. Livy recounts the rise and fall of the last king of Rome, Tarquin the Proud.

Livy, The Rape of Lucretia. Livy tells the story of the fall of the Romans kings and the establishment of the Roman republic.

Livy, The Sons of Brutus. Livy continues the tale of Brutus, who was tragically forced to execute his own sons in order to set an example for the republic.

Livy, Cincinnatus. Livy recounts the story of Cincinnatus, who was made dictator of Rome and then led his power down after only a few weeks.

Horace Ode IV: 15. Horace’s ode to the Emperor Augustus, bringer of peace, victory, and prosperity.

Augustus, Res Gestae

Augustine, Pick it Up and Read